Accelerated Offerings

Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs

Designed specifically for adult students with existing college credits seeking to finish their degree. Muhlenberg's accelerated programs provide motivated students with a way to complete their undergraduate journey quickly without sacrificing the quality of education or rigor.

Accelerated Degree Programs
Business Administration 
Healthcare Management
Human Resources Leadership
Information Systems Management
Project Management
Supply Chain Management

Finish in as little as 22 months with our accelerated programs.

  • It consists of 16 five-week courses, meeting only once a week 
  • Hybrid online/in-person delivery for flexibility  
  • Class costs include books and materials; No hidden fees
  • Fixed tuition will never increase for the duration of your program
  • Generous transfer policies, including credit for prior learning
  • Choose from two majors, Information Systems Management and Business Administration, with several specializations.

The Essential Skills Employers Value

The Accelerated Degree program is a career-oriented educational adventure that combines knowledge gained in the classroom with real-life project experience. Our curriculum is rooted in developing the "essential workplace skills" many employers require today.

This includes:

  • Powerful Communication (spoken and written)
  • Effective Teaming (both as a leader and team member)
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Resilience and Emotional Intelligence.

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