Grades 4-8 Certification

The 4-8 program permits teachers to be both generalists in grades 4-6 and content specialists in grades 7 & 8 in mathematics, English, language arts, or social studies.  Majors for these programs include Mathematics, English, and American Studies. Students selecting this program have the opportunity to teach in both an elementary and middle school setting in most public schools. There are a total of 13 education courses along with the required cognate courses and major. 

  • A bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, English, or American Studies
    • Required Cognate Courses:
      • 2 courses in mathematics (one must be Fundamentals of Mathematics or Shape & Symmetry)
      • Writing Composition
      • British or American Literature
      • Biology
      • Physical Science
      • Introduction to American National Government
      • World Geography
    • Education Courses:
      • History and Politics of American Education
      • Educational Psychology: Adolescent Learning and Development
      • Introduction to Special Education
      • Integrating Curriculum and Instruction for Adolescent Learners
      • Theory and Practice of Teaching English Language Learners
      • Literacy and Social Studies Education
      • Mathematics Education for Young Learners
      • Science Education for Young Learners
      • Content Area Curriculum for Adolescent Learners (Major concentration)
    • Professional Semester:
      • Assessment and Evaluation
      • Studies in Professional Education
      • Student Teaching I
      • Student Teaching II

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please complete the form or contact our office at 484-664-3300 to schedule an initial meeting with the Director of Teacher Certification. A copy of your resumé and any transcripts you may have will be helpful in assessing what courses you will need to take.

Additionally, please review Teacher Certification Frequently Asked Questions and Teacher Certification Brochure.

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