10x10 (or, The Decameron) _ text and designs in bright colors and disjointed style

10x10 (or, The Decameron)

April 22-23, 2021

Directed by Ethan Philbrick
Visuals by Lauryn Siegel

In Giovanni Boccaccio's celebrated work of Medieval literature The Decameron (1353), ten friends live through the last moments of a horrific plague year by retreating to a rural estate for ten days and telling each other stories about intimacy and politics.

In 10x10, ten young people have gathered for ten rehearsals in the midst of our current epidemiological and political crises to create a new online performance each night.

This performance will be presented live and streamed on Zoom. Attendance is free.

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Feature Story

Check out two great posters created by designer Lauryn Siegel:
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Performance Schedule

All times below are Eastern Time (ET)

Thursday, April 22, 8 pm
Friday, April 23, 8 pm