Study Abroad

Two study abroad programs are of special interest to film majors.  The Media & Communication Department sends a faculty member along with a cohort of students each year to Dublin City University to take courses in media and film studies, along with gaining a valuable internship experience. Read more.

Several of our majors have studied at the world-renowned film school, FAMU, in Prague, Czech Republic. The travel abroad program, CIEE, and the host school, FAMU, have worked together to design two semester-long programs: film production and screenwriting. Two alumni describe their experiences below.





I chose to do the film production program, which supports you in making a 5-10 minute film on 16mm film. We took classes in cinematography, directing, acting, editing, sound, and screenwriting. As the semester progressed, those classes became workshops for the films we were making. Many of the classes are taught by industry professionals who have worked in the Czech film industry for years. My semester at FAMU was a valuable supplement to my Muhlenberg film education, and certainly an option I would recommend to students interested in careers in film production.-- Jake Ramsay ‘12


While at FAMU I pursued the screenwriting track, attending courses such as script analysis, feature screenwriting, visual theories, acting, and introductory Czech (provided by CIEE). The focal point of the study was feature screenwriting, in which each student created a single, feature length script for the semester. The small, intensive class was led by an established screenwriter and allowed for individual critiques each class.  This program is ideal for any prospective screenwriter, providing students with both creative freedom and experienced instruction.-- Sharon Krome ‘13