Student Projects

Students in Muhlenberg’s production sequence learn to tell compelling stories in a variety of styles. We use the latest equipment, including full HD cameras and Adobe Premiere CC.

The films below are a small sample of our students' work.


Long Term Care 

By Venkat Mokkapati, Jeremy Russial, and Natalie Wizel
Drama, 2012. A young man tries to figure out what he owes to others.


I <3 Taber Ross 

By Jason Avezzano and Brendan Joyce
Comedy, 2011. A couple are divided by a pop culture obsession.


Doll Face

By Joanna Whitney, Lara Pollack, Nicole Machrone, and Jake Ramsay
Drama, 2011. A woman experiences vivid dreams of the past, or of the future.


Attic Space

By Sharon Krome, Venkat Mokkapati, and Laura Seburn
Drama, 2013. Two sisters clear out the physical remnants of their family's memories.



By Kurt Beyer, Jackson Bull, and John Carter
Drama/Sci-Fi, 2011. In an overcrowded future, a man goes looking for solitude and enlightenment.



By Sarah Sheldon, Evan Colten, and Stephanie Katz
Thriller, 2011. A student is tormented by visions that blur the line between screens and reality.