Laundry Facilities/Services

Laundry Facilities
For students convenience, laundry facilities are provided in each residence hall and at 5 locations throughout the MILE Area.

Residence Hall Locations: Ground floor or basement of each residence hall

M.I.L.E. Locations:                                                                                                                                                            

2241-43 Liberty St. (rear)

414 Albright St. (side)

2442 Tilghman St. (rear)

2245 Gordon St. (rear)                                                      

319/321 22nd St. (side)

415-419 Leh St. (rear)

Cost: $1.50/wash - $1.50/dry (45-60min.)

*All machines are coin activated. The major on Campus buildings (Walz,Prosser, Brown, Taylor, ML. East, Benfer, 2201 Chew, Village) accept Berg Bucks. The M.I.LE.  and Courts Laundry rooms are coin only.