Residential Life

Bicycle Racks @ Berg'

Most residential buildings have bike racks installed inside or in close proximity to the building. There are also several exterior bike racks installed throughout campus in close proximity to the academic and administrative buildings.


Indoor Locations:

Walz Hall - Basement at the bottom of the stairs

Prosser Hall - Basement East Lounge

South Hall - 2nd Floor Bike Room

Robertson Hall - 2nd Floor Bike Room

Benfer Hall - 1st Floor Lobby Area

Martin Luther Hall - Basement Northside near Elevator

2201 Chew Street- Basement Lounge

East Hall- 1st floor East of Breezeway


Outdoor Locations:

Walz Hall - East Side

Brown Hall - South of East Entrance

East Hall - West of Breezeway (Moyer Side)

Martin Luther Hall - South Side in Quad Area

2201 Chew Street - Main Entrance (Fall 2010)

New Science Building - West Entrance

Trumbower Building - North of the Tower/Tunnel (back drive) and  South Entrance

Ettinger Building - North and East Entrance

Moyer Hall - West Entrance (near Ettinger)

Library - West of the Main Entrance by the CA

Center for the Arts - East of the Main Entrance

Trexler Pavilion - South of the Main Entrance

Life Sports Center - Southside Main Entrance

Seegers Union - South of East Entrance and Rear West Side