The Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC)

The course schedules for all LVAIC institutions are available and searchable from the LVAIC web site.  All policies and procedures remain as listed below. 

Full-time, degree-seeking students who have completed at least 4 course units in good academic standing may enroll for up to two courses per semester at any one of the LVAIC member institutions (Cedar Crest College, DeSales University, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, and Moravian College).  The student must obtain approvals from his or her faculty advisor.  Courses must not be offered regularly by Muhlenberg College and must be within the bounds of a regular course load.

In the case of LVAIC courses, unlike other course transfers, both courses and grades will be treated as Muhlenberg courses for degree requirement and grade point average purposes.  Additional information, may be found on the LVAIC web site in addition to the web sites of the member institutions.  While forms are available in the Office of the Registrar for all LVAIC courses and programs, there is now an online process.

How to Cross-Register – The student should register during the regular registration or add/drop period as scheduled at his or her home campus, following this procedure:

1. Students will go to the LVAIC web site to search for courses.

2. Students review the course offerings available for cross registration and select a course to request

3. After completing the Request for Cross Registration form, the information is sent to the student's advisor who will approve or deny the request.

4. Advisor approved course requests will be sent to the student's home Registrar for any additional approvals.

5. If approved by the home Registrar, the information will be sent to the host Registrar for review.

6. Registration by the host school is dependent upon course availability and registration time lines.  Students may not know the result of their request until the beginning of the semester.

7. Students will be informed of the result of their request by the host Registrar.