Fall Registration is Open until Friday, Sep. 3

If you are on a waitlist for a course that you no longer want, please drop yourself from that waitlist to make room for others.

Incoming First-Years in the Class of 2025 will receive lots of information in the coming weeks about advising, training, and registration. Your actual registration will begin at 12 noon US Eastern Time on Monday, July 19. You should try to complete it before the end of July, though it will stay open through August and the first week of fall semester for changes.

Waitlist offers will resume and will now stay active for 72 hours, through the summer, so continue to check your Muhlenberg email address or Workday inbox throughout the summer for those notifications.

Summer 2021 registration is still on Capstone: Summer course offerings are listed at capstone3.muhlenberg.edu/frmss03w.html. Contact the Summer Study office at 484-664-3300 if you have any questions. www.muhlenberg.edu/continuingstudies/programcourseofferings/summer.html

Need Help with Workday Student?

Have a question, problem, or suggestion about Workday Student? Use the form at forms.gle/WcSkV1JHBei42UiM8.

Course Offerings: Available to students and employees in Workday (search for Course Offerings) or for others at www.muhlenberg.edu/courseofferings.


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