Mail for Employees

Mail and packages will be delivered to respective departments.  Please be sure to put a contact name on all items ordered for the department.  If a package is very heavy the department will need to put in a work order to Plant Operations for a pick-up from the Mailroom dock.  

Mail for individuals who are no longer employed will be forwarded to their respective departments who will determine its disposition. The Mailroom should be notified when employees transfer to other departments, or change locations on campus, so that mail delivery will not be disrupted.


The Mailroom stocks a limited supply of stamps which may be purchased at the service window during regular business hours (see Hours of Operation). If you have a large order for your department please plan ahead and put in the request beforehand. Stamps may also be purchased for personal usage.

Standard Mail

Standard (bulk) mailings are those with 200 or more identical pieces.  Contact the Copy Center at Extension 3229 for additional information prior to preparing your mailing.

Bulk mailings are delivered to the Bulk Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) located at 17 S. Commerce Way Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-9652 (off Routes 22 East and 512 North).


Inter-office and business envelopes must be requisitioned from the Copy Center.  We do not keep them on hand in the Mailroom.

Campuswide Distribution

Campuswide distributions to faculty and staff need to be bundled and labeled by department. Mailings to student mailboxes need to be in numerical order.