Student Information:

Addressing your mail and packages:

Your proper Muhlenberg address, whether you live on campus or in a M.I.L.E. house, is as follows:

[First Name] [Middle Initial, ] [Last Name]
Seegers Union Box #_____
Muhlenberg College
2400 Chew Street
Allentown, PA  18104-5586     

This format is to be used on all mail sent to you and it is important that your box number be included.  Please include your middle initial as many students have the same first and last names.  Please do not address mail to “P. O. Box ____” as this is not a post office box.  Room numbers, residence hall names, nicknames, illegible handwriting, mail in the name of a parent, or missing box numbers, will also delay delivery of your mail or it may be returned to sender, if it cannot be identified.  Please also remind family and friends not to send cash through the mail. 

Mail Box Combination

Combination numbers are not given out over the phone. You may access your combination by logging onto Adirondack. You may also come to the Mailroom lobby and present your ID.  

Mail Boxes

Each student is assigned a mailbox number which remains the same while at Muhlenberg.  Your letter mail is delivered to your mailboxes. Students are advised to check their mailboxes regularly and to lock them properly after each use. If you are having difficulty opening your mailbox please watch the video below.  If you are still having difficulty after watching the video, please contact the mailroom supervisor to arrange for someone to meet you at your mailbox to further assist you.

Mail Box Combination

Combination numbers are not given out over the phone. You may access your combination by logging onto Adirondack. You may also come to the Mailroom lobby and present your ID.

Adirondack Instructions: Locating Mailbox Numbers & Combinations

Mail Delivery

Academic Year

Incoming Mail is delivered daily to the students' mailboxes on the lower level of Seegers Union. There is an outgoing mail slot "US Mail" located near the mailboxes for letter mail which has proper postage.  Please include your return address on your mail. If you need postage for an outgoing letter or package, please come to the Mailroom lobby. All incoming packages are to be picked from the Mailroom. (See Package Pick-up).


Students who are remaining on campus for the summer, or students who will be away, but would like their magazines forwarded, must complete and submit the Student Mail Summer Registration form.

First-class mail for graduating students and students who are away for the summer will be forwarded for up to three months. Packages will be returned to sender unless prior arrangements are made.


Students who are remaining on campus for the winter are required to complete and submit the Student Mail Winter Registration form.

First-class mail for students who are away will be forwarded. All other mail will be kept on campus.

Mail Forwarding

Each student is responsible for filing a change of address with the United States Postal Service and to notify family, friends, companies, publishers, etc., of their new address when they graduate or withdraw.  Mail for students who are no longer at Muhlenberg will only be forwarded for up to three months, after which time it will be returned to sender.

Package Pick-up

Your packages are delivered to the Mailroom. Students are required to pick up their own packages and present their student Identification cards at the Mailroom lobby, located in the General Services Building behind the Haas College Center. Please don't come to retrieve your package until we have processed your package.  We will send you a notification via email when it is ready for pick up. Please see our hours of operation to claim your package.  Because of limited storage facilities, it is recommended that packages be picked up within five business days from the date received.

Sending packages

Please come to the Mailroom lobby and we will assit you. We accept Cash, Check or Money Orders. Please have your packages clearly addressed, along with your name and Mailbox # in the return address area.  Carriers pick up by 3pm daily so please bring your packages by 2pm the latest to allow time to process it.


We sell a limited amount of stamps.  We do not sell envelopes. You may purchase envelopes in the bookstore. For your convenience, we keep a limited amount of recyled boxes in our lobby for students to reuse for sending out their packages.   

Perishable, refrigerated, and fragile shipments are discouraged as the mailroom does not have adequate storage facilities.  Please note that the mailroom will not be held responsible for either uncollected or perishable packages, or those that require special handling. Flower arrangments (not boxed) and food orders should go through the information desk in Seegers Union.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations are advised to contact the Mailroom at 484 664-3162 for instructions prior to preparing a mailing.  If you would like a mailing to go out to students on campus, please put the envelopes in numerical order by mailbox number.