Clinical Laboratory Services

As a Level II Clinical Laboratory through the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Health Services is able to perform the following laboratory tests on site:

  • Rapid Strep Tests (fee $6)
  • Urinalysis (no charge)
  • Blood Glucose- finger stick (no charge)
  • Rapid Flu Tests (fee $20)
  • Urine Pregnancy Tests (no charge)

For students with orders for blood work from outside heath care providers, Health Services is able to draw blood for many routine laboratory tests which are then sent to Quest Diagnostics, Lab Corps, or Health Network Labs.  Students who utilize this service will need the physician orders for the blood work (including diagnoses), health insurance information.  Students will also need to know if their health insurance requires the use of a specific laboratory for services.  Students are responsible for all costs associated with these services, including those costs not covered by health insurance.  It is the responsibility of the ordering physician to review and report results to the student.