Pharmacy Delivery Guidelines

As a courtesy, Muhlenberg College Health Services will accept deliveries from local pharmacies and mail orders for our students.

Health Services will:

  • Accept the pharmacy delivery.
  • Notify the student by email of the delivery.
  • Log the delivery into a tracking system both when it arrives and when the student picks it up.
  • Local Pharmacy Deliveries: Health Services will return deliveries to local pharmacies if student has not picked up within 14 days of notification.
  • Mail Order Deliveries: Health Services will discard any pharmacy mail order deliveries which have not been picked up by the last day of final exams during spring semester. Health Services cannot mail any medications/pharmacy items.

In exchange for use of these services, the student will:

  • Contact the pharmacy to set-up an account, including insurance information and payment method, prior to the first delivery.
  • Pick-up deliveries during the daytime hours Monday-Friday 9am through 4pm as soon as possible but within 14 days of notification. Please note: weekend pick-ups are not available at any time.
  • Pick-up their deliveries themselves. Students may not designate another person to pick-up their pharmacy deliveries. Students who wish to have others pick-up their delivery should not utilize this service; they will need to go to the pharmacy directly.
  • Understand that deliveries will be returned to the local pharmacy after 14 days. Mail order pharmacy deliveries not picked up will be discarded on the last day of final exams during spring semester.

Local Pharmacies who delivery to Muhlenberg College Health Services include:

  • Rite-Aid
    361 S. Cedar Crest Blvd., Allentown, PA 18103
    Telephone 610-821-7999, Fax 610-821-8191
  • Walter’s Pharmacy
    401 North 17th Street, Allentown, PA
    Telephone 610-435-4706, Fax 610-435-2107

  • Walgreens Pharmacy #5715
    1702 Tilghman St Allentown, PA 18104
    Telephone 610-435-3605 Fax 610-435-6912