Assistant Director of Admissions


Pronouns: he/him/hisThumbnail of Zach Whitney.

Phone Number: 484-664-3202

Email Address:

Contact For: New England, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania

About Me: I am from the small town of Douglassville, Pennsylvania and I like to think of myself as an enthusiast of everything. I have a background in Neuroscience, but with a history of performing magic close-up and on stage, I've discovered a love for connecting with people of all backgrounds and learning what makes someone smile. I also dabble in baking!

Advice for Prospective Students: While college is a place to learn and earn that degree, it's equally your place to live and grow as a person. I believe you should find that place that keeps your mind active and your heart happy, because as important as learning about biochemistry or macro economics might be, sitting by the fire with a friend and attending a favorite tradition are just as important.

Favorite Food on Campus? The breakfast bowl from GQ! Tater tots on the bottom? De-licious!