In the true liberal arts tradition, the Muhlenberg Dance Program is dedicated to teaching how to think about the art of dance and its connection to the larger world.

The Dance Program is built upon deep commitment to both the art and the science of dance. In an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, students and faculty join to create a program with an inclusive, embracing climate, able to serve a varied community.

Those who are serious about studying dance may pursue a major in dance, designed to flexibly meet the student's needs while providing a solid background in dance history and theory alongside intensive study in a variety of dance techniques. The dance major serves as excellent preparation for graduate study and careers in dance; dance majors typically pursue careers in performance, teaching, choreography, dance therapy, physical therapy, and arts management.

The program also offers a minor in dance — and all Muhlenberg students, regardless of major, are welcome to take technique classes in the studio and academic classes from the Dance Program.

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