Genevieve Daly '14

Physician Assistant

After graduating from Muhlenberg with a double major in history and neuroscience, I became a physician assistant with a master of science degree from Monmouth University. I've been working in emergency medicine in Philadelphia for just under three years, and am currently working towards a doctoral degree in health sciences (DHSc) at Drexel University. While medicine was always my intended career, studying history at Muhlenberg instilled in me a love of writing and thorough research that prompted me to pursue a doctoral degree. The proficiencies that I developed relative to robust discussion and thoughtful writing while at Muhlenberg served me well throughout PA school, and are skills that I am continuing to develop even now. While majoring in history started as a way to be able to take more classes with my favorite professor, it ended up being one of the best decisions I made in my college career.