Forms for Current Students

About the Internship Program
The Accounting, Business, Economics, and Finance program at Muhlenberg has a flourishing internship program. Students may select an internship through our internship database or they can develop an internship through their own contacts. Our internship coordinator, Gail Eisenberg, helps students find, design, and get placed in an internship. Internships may count for course credit but they do not have to, and many students take on internships that do not count for college credit but give them needed experience.

In any given academic year 50 or more students are typically working in internships in which they are also earning college credit toward graduation. In addition, close to 50 students participate in internships each year that are not for academic credit. Nearly 80% of ABEF students participate in an internship during the pursuit of their major, and over 60% of those have more than one internship while at Muhlenberg.

Currently we have students in internships at:

Students that want to learn more about internship opportunities or about the internship program in the ABEF Department should contact Gail Eisenberg (ABEF Internship Director).


Forms for Current Students
There are two forms that need to be filled out in order to receive academic credit for your internship experience.

1. Internship Registration Form
Complete this form, including a signature from your site-supervisor, academic advisor, faculty sponsor (it is always Gail Eisenberg, Internship Director), and yourself. This completed form will be routed to the Office of the Registrar.

2. Internship Database Information
Please complete this online form. It will automatically be sent to Gail Eisenberg (ABEF Internship Director) and to Kim Clark (ABEF Administrative Assistant).