What can an
Accounting major do?
Accounting Program Goals
Courses in Accounting 

About the Accounting Program
The Muhlenberg accounting program provides a unique opportunity for students to benefit from a strong liberal arts education while obtaining knowledge and skills in accounting, finance, economics, and business. By proper selection of accounting major and elective courses, students will be prepared to continue on with graduate study or to pursue a variety of careers in public accounting, law, the corporate world, or not-for-profit organizations.

Courses focus on broad accounting concepts and issues but also develop the communication, technical, and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in the professional world today. Students are encouraged to enhance their leadership skills, to develop high ethical standards, and to achieve their full potential throughout this program. A variety of options to pursue study abroad, obtain internships, or spend a semester in Washington, DC also exist.

What can an Accounting major do?


Accounting Program Goals

  1. Demonstrate competence in core accounting knowledge
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of general business and economic principles
  3. Demonstrate proficient oral communication
  4. Demonstrate proficient written communication
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethics and standards in accounting careers
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of international accounting standards and global issues
  7. Work effectively in teams to solve problems and lead others
  8. Use critical thinking skills to solve accounting-related problems
  9. Demonstrate understanding and use of technology in accounting contexts
  10. Demonstrate understanding of accounting regulations using primary source documents
  11. Learn independently and understand the importance of continuous learning
  12. Demonstrate competence in making decisions
  13. Demonstrate attitudes and behaviors expected in the accounting profession
  14. Prepare for placement in career positions or graduate programs in a reasonable timeframe
  15. Demonstrate knowledge related to current topics, trends and changes affecting the profession

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