Club Finances

An important responsibility of the SGA is the proper stewardship of student fees to be allocated to recognized student clubs and organizations. The following forms are used to evaluate club requests and grant funding to student clubs and organizations.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the recent Board of Trustees' decision to repurpose the Student Activities Fee, the SGA Finance Manual will need to be updated to properly reflect these changes.

Student Government Finance Manual 19-20

Requesting Funds

Student Club & Organization Request for Expenditure

Funds are requested and distributed throughout the semester via the: S.C.O.R.E. Form

*This form is used to pay for club and organization expenses. This form must be completed by club treasurers and approved by the club advisor and SGA Treasurer/Advisor before any financial transactions are made. NOTE: No student or organization will be reimbursed for expenses without prior approval. You must complete this form in advance so that the purchase can be approved and it is confirmed that your organization has enough funding.

Governing Documents

Listed below are the current governing documents of the SGA.

SGA Bylaws (2020)‌ frame the structure of the organization, including its mission, composition, and officers.

Standing Rules are documents which outline the processes and procedures SGA uses to carry out its mission.

SGA Finance Manual 19-20 provides the rules and procedures related to the allocation of student fees.

SGA Elections Manual (2020) outlines the requirements to hold office and the process by which elections occur. Information for the annual election process is made available each March. Elections are held on a Monday in April.



For all minutes, please click here.

SGA meetings are held generally every Wednesday at 5:30PM in the Seegers Union Great Room. You are invited to attend to observe your government in action and to share thoughts or concerns. 

Jordan Curtis - SGA 2020 Recording Secretary.