Religious Holidays 2021-2022

Below are many of the religious holidays observed by members of the Muhlenberg community.

Please note that individual practices may vary.


Fall 2021 

July 20:  Eid-al-Adha - Feast of the Sacrifice (Islam) *begins sundown July 19 

August 28:  Leil Selichot - Prayers for forgiveness for the New Year (Judaism) *takes place late evening August 28 

September 7-8:  Rosh Hashanah - The Jewish New Year (Judaism) *work restriction both days, begins at sundown September 6 

September 9:  Tzom Gedaliah - Fast of the Seventh Month (Judaism) *minor fast, no work restriction

 September 16:  Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement (Judaism) *fast and work restriction, begins sundown September 15 

September 21-27:  Sukkot - Feast of the Tabernacles (Judaism) *work restriction, begins at sundown September 20 

September 28:  Shmini Atzeret - Eight Day of the Feast of Tabernacles (Judaism) *work restriction, begins sundown September 27 

September 29:  Simchat Torah - Celebrating the Beginning of the Annual Torah reading cycle (Judaism) *work restriction, begins sundown September 28 

November 1:  All Saints’ Day (Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity) 

November 2:  All Souls Day (Christianity) 

November 4:  Diwali - Festival of Lights (Hinduism, Jain, Sikh) 

November 29:  December 6: Chanukah - Festival of Lights (Judaism) *begins at sundown November 28 

December 8:  Bodhi Day (Buddhism) 

December 14:  Asara B'Tevet - The Tenth of Tevet (Judaism) *fasting 

December 24:  Christmas Eve (Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity) 

December 25:  Christmas (Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity)



Spring 2022 

January 6:  Christmas Eve (Orthodox Christianity) 

January 7:  Christmas (Orthodox Christianity) 

January 17:  Tu BiShvat - New Year of Trees (Judaism) *begins at sundown January 16, no restriction 

March 2:  Ash Wednesday (Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity) *fasting 

March 16:  Ta'anit Esther - Fast of Esther (Judaism) *minor fast only when sun up 

March 17:  Purim - Festival of Lots (Judaism) *begins at sundown March 16, no restriction 

March 17-18:  Holi - Festival of Colors (Hinduism) *fasting 

April 2-May 1:  Ramadan (Islam) month of fasting, dawn until dusk or sundown 

April 10:  Palm Sunday (Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity) 

April 16 - April 22: Passover - Festival of Freedom (Judaism) *work restrictions on following set of days: evening of 4/15-evening of 4/17 and evening of 4/20-evening of 4/22, *begins at sundown April 15 

April 15:  Good Friday (Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity) 

April 17:  Easter (Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity)

 April 22:  Good Friday (Orthodox Christianity) 

April 24:  Easter (Orthodox Christianity)

April 28:  Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Memorial Day (Judaism) *no restriction, begins at sundown April 27 

May 4:  Yom HaZikaron - Israeli Memorial Day (Judaism) *no restriction, begins at sundown May 3 

May 5:  Yom HaAtzma'ut - Israeli Independence Day (Judaism) no restriction, begins at sundown May 4 

May 19:  Lag BaOmer - 33rd day of counting the Omer (Judaism) *no restriction, begins at sundown May 18 

May 26:  Ascension (Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity) 

June 2:  Ascension (Orthodox Christianity) 

June 5-6:  Shavuot - Festival of Weeks (Judaism) *work restriction, begins at sundown June 4 

June 5:  Pentecost (Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity 

June 12:  Pentecost (Orthodox Christianity) 



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