Archive of Initiatives undertaken at the behest of the President since 2003.

19th St. Development
The President dedicated College resources to assist in the revitalization of the 19th Street Theatre District

Campus Safety Initiatives
Following the tragedy at Virginia Tech, President Helm convened a group to develop enhanced security measures and improve communication on campus in case of an emergency

Relay for Life
The President called for campus participation in the annual Relay for Life walkathon.

Annapolis Group Presentation
An outline of the President’s presentation on Online and Blended Learning courses

50th Anniversary of Co-Ed
The President convened a group of Trustees, faculty, alumni and staff to plan and administer a wide array of scholarly and historical events to mark the 50th anniversary of co-education at Muhlenberg

Campus Alcohol Discussion
The President convened a Task Force to study alcohol abuse on campus and recommend ways for the administration to address this nationwide issue more effectively at Muhlenberg

Greek Life Task Force
The President convened a Task Force in the spring of 2004 to gather information about the state of Greek Life at Muhlenberg College and to make recommendations for the Greek Life system in the future

Multicultural Center
Final report of a Task Force convened by the President to explore the creation of a Multicultural Center on campus

Partisan Political Activity
A statement on partisan political activity on campus, and a link to the College’s Policy

Senior Year Experience
The President’s communication to the campus concerning the creation of a Task Force to develop a series of events to provide graduating seniors an opportunity to reflect upon their time at Muhlenberg and help them in the transition to life after Muhlenberg

Service Learning Recognition
Results of a group of faculty and staff convened by the President to explore the possibility of creating a Community Based Learning Certificate for Muhlenberg graduates

Summer Programs
The President convened a Working Group to develop a comprehensive plan for summer programs