2021-22 Inclement Weather Policy

The COVID pandemic has changed the manner in which academic and administrative operations can continue during inclement weather. In responding to a severe weather event, the College will take one of three actions: normal operations; closure of the physical campus with remote work and courses; or full closure of the campus and College operations (no remote work or courses). When the physical campus is closed, the decision to conduct classes remotely is at the discretion of each faculty member, but no on-campus courses, practices, rehearsals may take place. Decisions regarding scheduled athletic competitions and performances are made separately. Students involved in these activities should receive instruction from their supervising staff or faculty.

To continue prioritizing the safety and well-being of our community, the College will be proactive in sharing weather information that may affect operations to allow for any in-person classes or staff working on campus to shift to remote status during a weather event. Any need for closure of campus will be determined by the President upon recommendation of the Director of Campus Safety and will typically be announced by 6 a.m. Any closure of campus—in advance or on the day of—will be shared via the Omnilert system as well as via email to the campus community. 

We encourage staff as well as faculty conducting in-person classes to be proactive in independently choosing to move to remote status during expected inclement weather as well. Staff making the decision to work remotely during inclement weather must ask their supervisor for permission to do so, while faculty moving classes online should inform their department chair. Faculty should clearly communicate with students about any change in the schedule. Managers and employees should make appropriate arrangements for remote work and ensure that all members of the department are aware.

In cases of extreme weather, tune in to any of the TV and radio stations listed below to determine if the College campus is closed. These stations will carry announcements of any closure of the College campus between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. 

WAEB (104.1 FM, 790 AM)

WZZO (95.0 FM)

WMUH (91.7 FM)

WODE (99.9 FM)

WCTO (96.1 FM)

WLEV (100.7 FM)

WBYN (1160 AM)

WWYY (107.1 FM)



and TV Channels 69 (WFMZ), 28 (WBRE), and 22 (WYOU)  

The College has a convenient "Weather Hotline" as well. The fastest way to learn of the latest weather emergency update for the College is to call the Weather Hotline, 484-664-6000. 

Essential Personnel

Service Personnel will report to work at their regularly scheduled times during all weather emergencies unless specifically instructed otherwise by their supervisors.

Snow and Ice Management Policy

Time Reporting:

Non-exempt staff  are paid based on all hours worked as recorded in Workday.  Should staff associates or non-essential service personnel not come in to work due to weather issues, and the College is open, there are several options:

  1. No Impact to Pay:
    • Work from home, with manager approval, if your duties are conducive to remote work; OR
    • Submit the day as "Personal" for the usual scheduled number of hours (subject to available personal leave time in your bank); OR
    • Submit the day as "Vacation" for the usual scheduled number of hours (subject to available leave time in your vacation bank); OR
    • Submit zero hours for the day and:
      1. make the time up within the same workweek so your paycheck remains the same.
  2. Impact to Pay:
    • Choose not to make up the time you did not work, in which case your paycheck will reflect reduced hours and pay.

If the College closes for a full day for inclement weather, staff members who are unable to work remotely should submit their regularly scheduled number of hours in Workday and will be paid for the day. In the event of a delayed start or early closure, any "inclement weather" hours that occur during a staff member's regular schedule should be submitted as regular hours. Staff out on vacation, sick or disability leave on a day that the College closes for inclement weather will retain their original leave status.