What is Common Hour?

“The College is committed to providing an intellectually rigorous undergraduate education with the context of a supportive, diverse residential community. We are also committed to educating the whole person through experiences within and beyond the classroom.”
--from the Muhlenberg College Mission Statement

Common Hour aims to achieve two goals:
1) To strengthen the Muhlenberg community by creating a common meeting time for “beyond the classroom” gatherings of students, staff and faculty;
2) To strengthen the Muhlenberg community by designating a common meeting time for hard to schedule meetings of students, staff and faculty.


The Common Hour is on Fridays from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

  • No classes are scheduled
  • No other organized course or student-related activities are to be scheduled (independent studies, athletic practices, office hours, music lessons)

Other Comments:

  • Some organized student activities with limited scheduling flexibility, such as service learning and education field-work, may still occur
  • Other uses of the common hour may evolve per our experience with it
  • A “clearinghouse” (e.g., web page) will list all events and locations during the common hour – hopefully scheduling will be done in advance so groups can plan ahead and minimize conflicts.