What can you do with a religion studies major?

Students of religion explore some of the most fascinating areas of the human experience. Among other questions, they inquire into the many understandings of reality and the many manifestations of sacred practice across cultures. Religion is a field of study that is both personally rewarding and highly relevant in its applications to the contemporary world.

Our students learn to discern the role of religion for individuals, cultures, and societies. They study and compare the myths, symbols, and rituals of various religious traditions in a context of free inquiry and critical examination. Through their studies they come to recognize the internal coherence and distinctiveness of diverse worldviews.

In keeping with the enormous changes in the world and the increasing controversy surrounding religious issues, the department seeks to provide students the opportunity to explore religious diversity in many different historic and contemporary forms, including religions of East and South Asia, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Why choose Muhlenberg for religion studies?

Habits of Mind
Through our curriculum, graduates learn to read closely, think critically, discuss insightfully, and write analytically. These skills are the heart of a liberal arts education. Our program of study prepares students for whatever educational and professional paths they may choose and builds their capacity to be lifelong learners.


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Religion Studies

Fall 2022 Courses to Check Out

Of Life and Death

alumni perspective

A course on Tibetan Buddhism gave Monica Arora ’15 a new perspective on humanity in medicine. Religion studies alumni Jeremy Fuchs ’14 discusses its impact on her career.

Touching the Past

faculty focus

Associate Professor of Religion Studies Jessica Cooperman emphasizes the importance of primary documents to tell history and focus on the future.

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