Academic Program Goals
Approved by Faculty on November 11, 2011

Muhlenberg graduates:

Intellectual Practices

  • Communicate clearly and cogently.
  • Write and discuss as means of learning and discovery.
  • Read texts critically.
  • Reason effectively with words, numbers, and symbols.
  • Locate, analyze, evaluate, and share information using emerging and established technologies.
  • Create and interpret ideas using various modes of representation.
  • Seek intellectual risks and grapple with ambiguity and uncertainty.

Exploration, Discovery and Integration           

  • Cultivate curiosity.
  • Explore and experience various modes of creative expression.
  • Build a broad disciplinary and inter-disciplinary knowledge base.
  • Understand that knowledge is embedded in multiple contexts (e.g., social, historical, cultural, scientific, ethical, etc.).
  • Develop and apply different modes of inquiry to pose questions and address problems.

Engagement and Social Responsibility

  • Understand the multiple contexts (e.g., cultural, ethnic, racial, national, socioeconomic, religious, biological, etc.) that shape our construction of human differences.
  • Recognize how hierarchies and disparities shape and are shaped by institutions and social relations. 
  • Make principled decisions as individuals and citizens of local, national, and global communities.
  • Develop a capacity to act on the basis of one’s own reasoned beliefs.
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