Traci Hilbert Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding

Administrative Assistant
Trumbower Science Building
(484) 664-3299
Fax: (484) 664-3546


I graduated from Drew University with double majors in visual art and cultural anthropology, and undeclared minors in English and archeology. While that doesn't contribute directly to a admin position in math/CS & physics, I truly believe one of the core values of a liberal arts education is that you can adapt to all types of environments and continually learn new things.

I currently live in Easton with a portable can crusher, paper shredder, and dishwasher pre-rinse cycle cleverly disguised as a greyhound dog. My favorite places include any bookstore, library, aquarium, art, or science museum; interesting buildings, sushi restaurants, coffeehouses, quiet pubs, roadside diners; unexpected small towns; NYC, San Francisco, Boston, Ithaca, Sedona, and Barcelona. Hobbies include (but are not limited to) organic vegetable gardening, assorted home renovation projects, watercolor painting, reading about forensic anthropology, and training the can-crusher.