Mission Statement

In the Department of Media & Communication at Muhlenberg College, students and faculty research, critique, and create media of all forms—visual, digital, print, oral and hybrid forms—and investigate the social, political, economic, and cultural contexts that both shape and are shaped by these converging media.  Here, critical thinking meets hands-on experience, through engaging coursework, internships in professional environments, experiential and service-learning in local communities and global contexts.  Our aim is to foster graduates who are not only information literate, but who become information leaders in helping to realize the democratizing potential of media.  The department is dedicated to the integration of media analysis and media production for social justice in a liberal arts setting.


Program Goals & Learning Outcomes


Department Scope

The Department of Media & Communication at Muhlenberg College affirms its commitment to scholarship and curricula that span the social sciences, humanities, and the arts. The fields of media, communication, and film studies have diverse intellectual standards and traditions. That heterogeneity is reflected in both the department's history and the present composition of its faculty. The department embraces an inclusive and capacious understanding of media, communication and film study and practice.