About Russian Studies Program at 'Berg

Muhlenberg's Interdisciplinary Russian Studies Program provides a balanced combination of courses offered in both Russian and English.  The classroom experience is complemented by extensive use of  and  that allow students to explore the beauty of the Russian language, literature, and topics relevant to Russia's rich cultural heritage. Students are encouraged to engage in research, creative projects, and service learning activities in the Russian community, as well as abroad.

Students may  in Russian Studies and have the option of selecting a second major/minor within another academic discipline such as English, German, history, political science, international business/economics, or the sciences. Moreover, the interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to satisfy the College's requirements in the humanities and social sciences.

We encourage students to study Russian language and culture in Russia through our . At Muhlenberg, both students and faculty have the opportunity to explore Russia firsthand at Moscow State University through Muhlenberg College's exchange agreement with the university.

Every spring, students in Dobro Slovo, the Russian language honor society, present independently produced projects based on specific issues in language, literature, and/or culture. These presentations, done in English or bilingual format, are required of all senior members of the honor society. The biannual Student Symposium serves as a forum for senior majors to present papers designed around a single theme, often selected to complement the annual theme for the Center of Ethics.

Russian Studies is a uniquely designed program allowing students not only to learn about Russia, but also developing an understanding of and respect for human diversity. The program prepares students for today and tomorrow's global community, no matter what career path is to be pursued in the future. 

Students who complete the Russian Studies program at Muhlenberg are prepared for graduate work leading to careers in teaching, foreign service, international business, international law, research in Russian Studies, and other professions. In addition to the outstanding liberal arts education received as a student of Muhlenberg College, the Russian Studies program gives students the opportunity to focus on Russia and Eastern Europe and helps students recognize the importance of Slavic affairs in the contemporary world.

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Why Study Russian at Muhlenberg?