Minor Requirements:

Students must choose six courses taken across the divisions, and may count no more than two courses from each prefix.  Courses may be selected from approved Special Topics Courses, courses taken at LVAIC institutions, or study abroad. Students who minor in LACS, or create a self-designed major inLACS, are encouraged to study abroad. Regular course options are listed below.

Two core courses:

  • Spanish 301 or Spanish 303; French 330; or the equivalent in Spanish, French, or Portuguese
  • History 291 or History 293

Four Additional Electives, with no more than two courses from any prefix:

Anthropology (Dr. Ben Carter)
ATH 230: Inca, Aztec, and Maya

Art History (Dr. Elena Sifford)
ARH 280: Colonial Latin American Art

Economics (Dr. Ranajoy Ray-Chaudhuri)
ECN 251: Economic Growth & International Development 

English (Dr. Tom Cartelli)
ENG 291: Caribbean Writing

French (Dr. Eileen McEwan & Dr. Ioanna Chatzidimitriou)
FRN 424: Francophone Women Writers of Africa and the Caribbean

History (Dr. Cathy Marie Ouellette)
HST 369: Jewish Latin America and the Caribbean
HST 371: The Inquisition
HST 373: Environmental History of Latin America
HST 375: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America & the Caribbean
HST 382: Sex, Beauty & the Body in Latin America & the Caribbean

Music (Dr. Kassandra Hartford)
MUS 283: Musics of Brazil

Political Science (Dr. Mohsin Hashim)
PSC 246: Developing Nations

Spanish (Dr. Joan Marx, Dr. Erika Sutherland, & Dr. Mirna Trauger)
SPN 304: Advanced Conversation & Composition
SPN 322: Civilization of Latin America
SPN 407: Spanish for the Community: Interpreting (Service-Learning)
SPN 408: Spanish for the Community: Translation (Service-Learning)
SPN 415: The Literature of Conquest, Colonization, and Independence in Spanish America
SPN 416: Postcolonial Realities in Modern Spanish-American Literature
SPN 417: Contemporary Spanish American Novel
SPN 418: Hispanic Literature & Film
SPN 419: Border Literature
SPN 420: Human Rights Literature in the Americas

Theatre (Dr. Leticia Robles-Moreno)
THR 384: Devising Community 

MILA Programs
HST 389/SOC 389: Bodies & Identities in Contemporary Cuba
PBH 327/SPN 327: Public Health in practice: Panama
SPN 387/ECN 387: The Cultural Identity & Economy of Puerto Rico
SUS 350: Community Sustainability: Costa Rica 

Study Abroad
Achievement of language fluency is one of the core goals of this area studies program.  Students who pursue the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor are strongly encouraged to study abroad by participating in either long-term (two semesters; one semester) study abroad programs, or short-term (summer) study abroad programs.  Courses taken during semesters or short-term study abroad will need approval by the director of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program Minor.