International Studies is an inter-and-multidisciplinary major that integrates the perspectives of the social sciences, the arts and humanities, and, to some extent, the natural sciences. This approach provides our majors with an ethical and critically engaged understanding of the complex and interdependent character of our globalized world.

Our graduates are global citizens who demonstrate broad cultural and intercultural competence, including proficiency in a second language and familiarity with a specific geographic, cultural, and linguistic region of the world. Through their multi-disciplinary training, they gain the knowledge and ability to conduct research that addresses global challenges.

Our curriculum prepares students for a wide range of professional paths, which include: law and policy, advocacy, diplomacy, and international business. Recent graduates have successfully pursued careers in foreign service, the intelligence community, non-profit organizations, the international policy-making community, and international NGOs [non governmental organizations] concentrating on development and public health. Graduates have also been admitted to competitive graduate programs domestically and internationally, such as international studies, law, global public health, environmental policy, and international business.


  • Hacker Hunter

    Cybersecurity expert Priscilla Moriuchi ’03 spent 13 years with the National Security Agency before entering the private sector. Today, in addition to her product security role with Apple, she studies and speaks about the cyberthreats posed by nations like North Korea, China and Russia.