The History Major and Minor At Muhlenberg

The Department of History offers a nine-course major or a six-course minor. History majors take seven elective courses and a two-semester Senior Reading and Research Seminar. Students must take one course in United States History, one course in European History, and courses from two additional geographic regions:  Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East. At least one of the seven courses must have content whose focus is primarily in the pre-Modern era and at least one course must be Modern. Students may count only one 100-level course toward the major or minor. Minors are required to take the two Senior Seminars and four additional courses.


  • Provide students with a broad and deep understanding of past societies and cultures and the forces that shaped them.
  • Foster active citizenship through the application of historical knowledge to the contemporary world and develop historical thinking that reflects diverse perspectives. 
  • Challenge the assumption that the human condition always improves or that progress is inevitable.


  • Students will learn how to use a wide variety of historical sources and learn how to assess their merits and use them for historical analysis.
  • Students will become critical thinkers. They will develop higher order reasoning abilities by analyzing and synthesizing disparate forms of information.
  • Students will become proficient writers by presenting their analysis in persuasive prose. Their writing will grow in clarity and sophistication as they move through the curriculum.
  • Students will acquire basic and advanced historical research skills. They will become fluent in the use of printed and digital sources, bibliographies, databases, primary source collections and search engines.