Why Muhlenberg?


Teacher education within the liberal arts setting:
  • Education courses connect with and draw from such varied disciplines as psychology, history, mathematics and theatre and dance.
  • Our department members have close working relationships with faculty in other disciplines.
  • The department and college believe teaching is more than test scores and data.
Program features are unique for each student:
  • Fieldwork and student teaching placements are made directly by our department faculty.
  • Field placements are tailored to offer a rich and varied experience over the course of the program.
  • Opportunities to conduct research and take independent studies with our faculty.
  • Each student’s educational program is unique by combining a teaching certificate program with a major, double major or major and minor.
Frequent field-based learning:
  • Fieldwork experiences begin after the introductory course and continue for the remainder of the program.
  • Experiences cover a range of settings, including urban and suburban schools, across grade levels (but within your certification area), special education and regular education and English Language Learner classrooms.
Ongoing faculty advisement:
  • All education students are assigned a professor in our department as their education advisor and meet with them at least once a semester.
  • Students ask their advisor about the program and plan their course sequence; advisors keep careful track of student progress and growth.
  • Students and advisors form close relationships over the course of the program.
  • Our program encourages and is supportive of many extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Many education students take advantage of study abroad, as well as double major and minor opportunities.
  • Education students participate in interscholastic and intramural sports and engage in community service and religious life.
Outstanding outcomes:
  • Our alumni are regularly recruited by public schools in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.
  • Our alumni complete advanced degrees at highly respected schools of education, including Bank Street, Michigan State University, Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania.