Admission Requirements

The procedures and requirements for Provisional Acceptance, Formal Acceptance, and Professional Semester (Student Teaching) Acceptance are clearly outlined in the Teacher Preparation Contract and a signed copy for each student remains in the student folder.

Provisional Acceptance
Students wishing to certify are encouraged to contact the Education Department as early as possible upon their arrival at Muhlenberg College so that we may begin working with them to plan a course of study.  Students may be provisionally accepted into our program as early as their first semester at Muhlenberg. Provisional Acceptance simply means the student has been identified as a prospective certification student and has been assigned an Education advisor.

During the initial advising meeting, the advisor reviews all program requirements with the student and assists the student in planning a four-year course of study. The education advisor’s permission is required to register for all courses beyond EDU 101 offered through the Education Department. There are no GPA or testing requirements for Provisional Acceptance. All students taking education courses with required fieldwork hours must provide current clearance forms.

Formal Acceptance

Formal Acceptance may take place after students meet the following requirements:
  • Completion of 12 course units
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.000
  • Completion of two college level mathematics courses, a British or American literature course, and First-Year Seminar
  • Completion of the following courses: EDU 101; EDU 102, 104 or 106; EDU 201, EDU 202 (in the Pre K-4 program); EDU 200, 204 or 206; and EDU 211 (for Class of 2014 and beyond)
  • Passing scores on the required content area exams (see Testing Requirements).
  • A record of satisfactory fieldwork performance
  • Current clearance forms
Formal Acceptance is required in order to take any content methods courses.

Professional Semester (Student Teaching) Acceptance

Professional Semester Acceptance may take place after students meet the following requirements:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.000, an Education GPA of 2.750, and a major G.P.A. of 2.500 (Foreign Language certification requires a 3.000 major G.P.A.)
  • Satisfactory references from the Education Department and one professor in the major department as well as endorsement by the major department head
  • Completion of all prerequisite courses
  • Satisfactory fieldwork record
  • Current clearance forms
  • PSEA Student Teaching Insurance at the commencement of the Professional Semester