The purpose of The Feminist Collective is to raise awareness about the ways in which systems of power and inequality in relation to gender inform our campus community and the world at large. The organization also provides a safe space for its membership. 

The Feminist Collective is a collective, which means, regardless of the power structures of the institution, we function collectively. No one’s voice will be louder or more important than another’s, regardless of a member’s position or seniority. Collectivism is founded on the principle that any type of hierarchy can function in a damaging and marginalizing way. Thus, our collective deviates from normative bureaucratic organizations, and all functions of the feminist collective occur with a focus on shared responsibility and communal interest.

The Feminist Collective aims to focus on ways in which oppression is intersectional and the ways in which race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity and expression, religion, class, sexuality, nationality, ability and other identity markers inform our experiences.

Feminism is not composed of a singular universal theory. It consists of sets of theories used to explain and counteract sexism and the intersectional experience of oppression. We will not privilege one ideology over othersa multiplicity of understandings of what feminism is and should be is essential to the experience of collectivity and the mission of our organization.

The Feminist Collective, alongside the other Multicultural Center organizations, aims to be an active part of the multicultural community on campus and to encourage and engage in open dialogues and action with other groups on campus with the aim of eradicating oppression and inequality.

The Feminist Collective aims to provide mentorship for feminists on Muhlenberg’s campus as well as contextualize and translate feminist theories into programming on Muhlenberg’s campus

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2021-2022 Leadership

Implementation Committee: Auroni Hashim '22, Gabriella Oteri '23 and Lauren Losak '23

President: Auroni Hashim '22

Public Relations: Auroni Hashim '22 & Lauren Losak '23

Treasurer: Auroni Hashim '22

Secretary: Gabriella Oteri '23

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Sharon Albert, senior lecturer of Religion Studies