The dorms on the west side of campus house mostly first year students.

Kathryn P. Taylor Hall  (formerly New West Hall) was built in 1996. It is a state of the art facility that houses 114 upperclass men and women in double rooms. Each room is air conditioned and has a private bath. Taylor is coeducational by room. There is a computer lab, lounge and kitchen in the basement of Taylor, and there are study lounges located on the first and fourth floors. First year students are ineligible for openings in Taylor.

 Brown HallBrown Hall  was constructed in 1916, making it Muhlenberg’s second oldest residence hall. Brown houses approximately 180 first year and upperclass women in singles, doubles, triples and quads. Because of its early construction, each room in Brown is unique in size and shape, and the rooms are spacious. Brown Hall has a large study lounge, computer lab, and TV lounge on its ground floor. The first floor has vending machines and a kitchen.

‌‌Prosser HallConstructed in 1965, with an annex added in 1978, Prosser Hall houses 270 first year men and women in singles, doubles and triples. Each of Prosser’s three floors house men and women in separate wings and the annex houses men and women on separate floors. Prosser Hall contains a study lounge, computer lab, two laundry rooms, and a TV lounge. The Office of Residential Services and the Office of Campus Safety are located on the ground floor of Prosser.

About UsWalz Hall was constructed in 1960 and houses approximately 190 first year men and women in singles, doubles and triples. The floors in Walz are coeducational by wing. The main floor of Walz contains a study lounge and vending machines. There is a study lounge with a TV and kitchen on the ground floor. Walz was renovated in the summer of 2000.