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Event Technology

Student Engagement Events and Technology

What We Do:

The Department of Student provides assistance to all Student Groups who wish to hold an event, performance, or other activity that would require the use of technology, including but not limited to: sound, lighting, projections, production and visual effects. 

Levels of Support:

It is our goal to make every event as successful as possible, therefore we offer the appropriate level of technical support and “day-of” assistance in relation to the size or complexity of an event.

These are Basic, Mid-tier, and Large Events:

Basic Events:

In the instance of a basic event, we provide equipment for use that is checked out to the person/group responsible for their given event.  These events are typically small in their scope and would not have an expected attendance of more than 50 people. 

Mid-tier Events:

A mid-tier event includes such things as a musical or vocal performance, a comedy show, a group dance/social event, or any other such function.  These events typically have an expected attendance of 50-300 attendees and are then handled by our office and our technicians who provide setup and tear down services as well as support on-site throughout the duration of the event. 

Large Events:

These events are not necessarily determined by the number of attendees but by the overall complexity of the productions.  These are typical large performances that require a full live-sound setup, an upgraded lighting and tech package, and other special elements.  These events receive the highest amount of support from our office and usually involve more intense planning and thoughtful consideration. 

As with Mid-tier events, these receive full support and attention from our technicians who are there to manage every technical aspect of the event to ensure success. 

Situations where Techs MUST be present:

1. Any event including paid performers, presenters, or guests.

2. Any event that is to have multiple technical elements in play.

3. Any event that utilizes equipment rented from external vendors.

4. Any event that has an expected attendance of more than 50 individuals.

5. Any event that utilizes more than 5,000.00 dollars worth of college owned equipment.