Sexual Assault Resource Team

The Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART) is represented by faculty and staff who are trained to:

  • Serve as a support person for a student sexual assault victim/survivor or witnesses impacted by a sexual assault incident
  • Provide guidance to colleagues on best practices when assisting victims/survivors

SART members are trained in culturally competent and trauma-informed advocacy, the College’s policy and disciplinary process on sexual assault, on and off campus support for victims/survivors, and best practices related to sexual assault victim/survivor support and advocacy. SART is a faculty and staff-led group convened and led by the Associate Director of Prevention Education. 

Note: Because SART members are employees of Muhlenberg College, they are Campus Safety Authorities and therefore mandatory reporters. Those seeking on or off campus confidential support may access contact information for those resources here.

Current SART Members:

Chelsea Schoen, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Frederick Wright Jones, Assistant Professor, Sculpture and Art
Irene Chien, Assistant Professor, Media & Communication
Jordanna Sprayberry, Assistant Professor, Biology
Jules Purnell, Associate Director of Prevention Education
Lindsay Porembo, Associate Athletic Trainer
Sean Morse, Assistant Athletic Trainer