Muhlenberg College Honors 2020 Retirees

Retiree Benefits

Official Retirement from the College is available upon attainment of age 60 and completion of 10 years of full-time service. The benefits outlined in these documents are summaries only and are subject to change. Please contact Human Resources for specific information regarding retirement and the benefits you may be entitled to thereafter.

A Health Insurance Premium Reimbursement is paid by the College for each official retiree and spouse during their respective lifetimes.  To be eligible for this benefit, the retiree must have been hired prior to January, 1995.  This plan provides a payment of a flat dollar amount, determined annually by the College, to the retiree based upon documented health insurance premium expenses incurred by the retiree/spouse.  The retiree may choose any health insurance they prefer under this plan.

Life insurance coverage is paid by the College for all retirees.  The amount of insurance varies from $3,000 to $5,000 depending upon age.

Retired employees retain the tuition scholarship benefit for dependents.  Complete eligibility guidelines for tuition scholarship benefits are available from the Human Resources Office.

Retiree Benefit Summary

Retiree Brochure