All Muhlenberg College community members must carry their student and employee IDs at all times while on campus and IDs must be presented when requested by a College official.

Visitors are welcome on campus. Individuals who invite guests to campus are responsible for communicating to them our COVID-19 Policy and providing them with the link to the College’s symptom checker before they come to campus. All campus visitors, contractors, invited guests, etc. regardless of vaccine status must wear face coverings indoors on Muhlenberg’s campus at all times. In addition, all unvaccinated visitors must wear a mask at all times while on campus either indoors or outdoors.

Please read the information below regarding specific guidance for particular locations:

Admissions Guests 

All Admissions guests must be registered with the Office of Admissions. When guests register, they will be asked to review the symptom monitoring questions.Guests should only visit campus if they are symptom-free and have had no known recent COVID-19 exposures. In addition, all Admissions guests will wear face coverings indoors. 

Overnight Admissions guest requests will be considered once the College has adjusted to allow for overnight guests in the residence halls. The College will continue to review data locally and on-campus to evaluate this possibility throughout the fall semester.

Indoor Sporting Events (as of 1/22)

Muhlenberg College will continue to allow guests at indoor sporting events providing they meet the following requirements:

  • Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination: defined as 2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine;
  • As of February 1, proof of vaccination will be required to include a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot as well for those who are eligible;
  • All event attendees will need to show their vaccination card as well as a Photo ID;
  • Children under 5 are not required to show proof of vaccination. 

Masking is required at all indoor events on campus and will be strictly enforced. Those not complying with the mask requirement will be asked to leave the event.
If implementation of the above policy and masking requirement are not successful, the College will shift to a no guest policy.

Campus Events, Performers, Lecturers, etc.

For large-scale events by invitation such as Alumni Weekend, Class of 2020 Weekend, Family Weekend and Inauguration Weekend, pre-registration will be required to collect contact information for guests of the College. Participants will understand in advance that masks are required indoors by all participants, except when actively eating and drinking. In addition, all guests to these events will complete the symptom checker before coming to campus and will not come to campus if they have any current COVID-19 symptoms or have had a recent direct exposure.

For typical college-sponsored events, masks are to be worn by performers/speakers, etc. while indoors on campus.  However, masks are not required for guest speakers/presenters while presenting or performing.

Performers should be positioned at least 12 feet from audience members throughout the performance.

Classroom Visitors

All invited guests to classrooms on campus must wear masks at all times. At the discretion of the instructor and pursuant to current College Covid-19 Policy, class attendees and instructors may or may not be masked. In addition, the instructor of the course has the discretion to determine if the guests may remove their mask if speaking or performing for the class.


All contractors should be registered with the appropriate supervising office. Contractors must complete the symptom checker before coming to campus and should not come to campus if they have had a direct exposure to COVID-19 or have any COVID-19 symptoms. While on campus, all contractors must be masked inside buildings regardless of vaccine status.

Dining for Campus Visitors

Campus visitors are allowed to enter dining facilities while on campus. However, they should be masked at all times while indoors, including while in line, waiting for meals, sitting at indoor dining tables, etc. Masks should only be removed indoors when actively eating and drinking and then should be replaced immediately after.  

As a reminder, for those who may be more comfortable, the College offers to-go dining options and the option to eat outside when the weather permits. In addition, if dining in the Wood Dining Commons, there are some tables in the gallery with plexiglass dividers. Guests to the College and their campus hosts are strongly encouraged to utilize these tables when available for indoor dining.

Life Sports Center

Non-college visitors to the Life Sports Center (LSC) should be masked at all times unless showering or using the pool. When guests visit the LSC, they will be asked to review the symptom monitoring questions and should only visit campus if they are symptom-free and have had no known recent COVID-19 exposures. Muhlenberg College family members, as well as individuals who hold a membership to the LSC, will be asked to show proof of vaccination status in order to gain entry to the facility for exercise equipment or locker room access.

College-Owned Residential Properties (residence halls and MILE properties)

Residential Live visitors: Currently, non-Muhlenberg student visitors are not permitted in the residence halls. This policy will be reviewed regularly for possible adjustments.