Laura Diorio '20

Presidential Assistant

Laura Diorio is the Presidential Assistant for the Office of Communications, tackling her senior year at Muhlenberg College. She is a media & communication major with passions in marketing, performing, filmmaking and writing.

She will assist the office in the gathering and composing of the College’s most notable stories, helping to manage the Merit page for student achievement and lending a hand in any way she can. She is thrilled to be on board and is excited to hone her skills as a communicator, aiming to focus her future goals in entertainment media marketing and producing.

Laura is from Red Bank, New Jersey, which is considered Central New Jersey, which Laura will defend as a real thing for the rest of her days. She loves her golden retriever, Dio, more than anything.

Address Muhlenberg College 484-664-3477 (fax) 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104