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Tim Black Headshot

Tim Black (he/him)

Tim Black serves as the Director of Student Transitions and Family Programs. Tim joined the Office of Student Transitions in June 2022, but started in Housing and Residence Life at Muhlenberg in July 2020. Orientation and student transitions have always been a passion for him and he was an Orientation Leader and Orientation Coordinator during his time as an undergrad. He strives to create an open door for all first and second year students where they can come and ask questions, learn more about Muhlenberg, or just want to hang out and take a moment to pause and reflect on their time at Muhlenberg. He cannot wait to welcome the Class of 2026 this August! 

Orientation Team Leaders


Portrait of student Ben Eber.

Ben Eber '23 (he/him)

Hometown: Denver, CO

Major: Physics and Math

What's your favorite thing about Muhlenberg? All the opportunity to get involved and do new things!


Portrait of student Allie Gleeson.

Allie Gleeson '23 (she/her)

Hometown: Boonton Township, NJ

Major: Media and Communications and Dance concentratining in Dance Science

What's one piece of advice you have for new students? I think my favorite piece of advice that I can give to new students is to step out of your comfort zone. Yes, it can be scary to not do something that is comfortable however for me stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new has given me some of the best experiences that I have had on campus. I let myself try something new and in doing this I have gained a lot of different experiences in things I never thought I would. But the only way I was allowed to gain these experiences was by stepping out of my comfort zone.


Portrait of student Shira Holtz.

Shira Holtz '24 (she/her)

Hometown: White Plains, NY

Major: Theater and Media and Communication

What's your favorite thing about Muhlenberg? My favorite thing about Muhlenberg is definitely the community! I came from a high school that's much smaller than Muhlenberg, and I was worried coming in that I would hardly know anyone on campus. But through classes, getting involved in clubs and other organizations, and the general way that Muhlenberg students interact with each other, I've made so many friends and know so many students and faculty on campus. And while I know lots of people in the general campus community, the organizations that I'm a part of form additional mini communities on campus. Everyone truly wants everyone else to succeed and Muhlenberg is a close-knit community which is exactly what I wanted when I came to college!


Portrait of student Britany Jara.

Britney Jara '23 (she/her)

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Major: Psychology

What's your favorite thing about Muhlenberg? From the moment I was a first year at Muhlenberg, I immediately received many different opportunities to showcase my different passions and leadership skills. What drew me in the most about Muhlenberg was being able to become a leader here whether you're a first year or a senior. Many can attest that all students here are involved in many things, and it's truly what makes this school so unique. You can be a Biology major and be involved in Theatre, or a History major and involved in sports. I am involved in a range of different things and I've been able to find what really makes me thrive. The intersectionality of passions, skills, and involvement continue to amaze me.


Portrait of Student Alissa Le.

Alissa Le '23 (she/her)

Hometown: Allentown, PA

Major: Neuroscience

What's your favorite thing about Muhlenberg? I love Muhlenberg because of the close relationships I am able to develop with the faculty and staff! Despite any difficult transitions or moments I may have, I know that my support system on campus is able to help me through it all.


Portrait of student Dylan Magistris.

Dylan De Magistris '24 (he/him)

Hometown: Emerson, NJ

Major: Music and Finance

What's one piece of advice you have for new students? Be open-minded and willing to talk to new people. It is important to realize that all the other first-years are in the same position as you and seeking friendships.


Student Transitions Intern


Portrait of student Lindsey Kessler.

Lindsey Kessler '23 (she/her)

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major: Jewish Students and Pre K - 4 Elementary Education Certificate Track

What's one piece of advice you have for new students? Don't be afraid to ask for help! One of the best parts about Muhlenberg is the strong community you are now a part of. Resources are all around you including your peers, professors, staff members, and more! People always want to help you and see you succeed in your college experience.