IGD 150: Intergroup Dialogue


IGD 150 is a half-credit class that meets once per week for the first 9 weeks of the semester. You can repeat the course and, when taken twice, it fulfills the IL requirment and one of the two DE requirements. If you are interested in signing up for IGD 150, the first step is to fill out the registration form. Filling out the form does not guarantee you a spot in the class, but you can't get instructor permission without first doing this. Questions? Please feel free to contact Brooke Vick (brookevick@muhlenberg.edu), Associate Provost for Faculty and Diversity Initiatives.


Registration Link Closed

IGD 150 is not being offered in Fall 2019. Check back later to see about Spring 2020.


What are students saying about 1GD 150?

"‌My experience with being part of an IGD course was a very informative and personal one. Being able to discuss race relations, gender, intersectionality and the like with people from all walks of life is a powerful journey that I think we all should embark on. A big part of dialogue is story telling and how we tell our stories. And if we wish to move forward as a society, we must address and reconstruct our systems of influence, primarily education. If IGD becomes apart of the requirement for being educated, if story telling becomes a form of educating, then other systems will change and young Americans can create the United States of America that truly represents democracy, inclusiveness, diversity, and understanding in multiple facets of our society."

"In terms of social justice, if you want to really work on an issue you have to bring your authentic self to the dialogue. ...Trying to work on any issue when you are not being open and honest will not be a productive conversation. Though this makes these dialogues difficult, it allows people to be vulnerable and [build] trust. Without this trust... there is no bond between the people. "

"IGD was an eye-opening experience that demanded self-awareness and respect for everyone in the class."

Jenna Azar, IGD Program Co-Founder, was interviewed and asked to comment on IGD 150 and racism: 

How do you think the class is working to dismantle institutional racism?

What do you think is the biggest thing students gain from being in the class?

IGD 150 Catalog Course Description

In our pluralistic society, it is vital for people to develop the capacity to address issues of difference and inequality in honest and productive ways. Students in this class will engage in facilitated dialogues about social identity with other students who identities differ from their own. Participants will read, view, and discuss scholarly and artistic material about social difference, give voice to their own experiences, and listen to and learn from the views of others. The class will investigate how systems of oppression such as racism and sexism affect different groups, and examine processes of alliance-building to combat those systems. Regular writing assignments will provide opportunities for students to extend and deepen their in-class learning. Students will also explore ways to apply what they learn through the dialogue process toward goals of transformative change and social justice at both interpersonal and communal levels. Meets DE and IL general academic requirements when students take two Intergroup Dialogue courses. 

The class is taught by two facilitators. It is graded, worth half a credit, and meets once per week for 9 weeks. Enrollment in the IGD 150 course is "by permission of instructor" and the process to register is different from that of other courses. To obtain instructor approval, click on the registration link above. You will be asked to provide some information about yourself and your social identities.