Yariv D Fadlon

Assistant Professor, Economics
Accounting, Business, Economics & Finance
Ettinger Building


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  • Ph.D., economics, Vanderbilt University
  • B.A., honors, Ben-Gurion University

Teaching Interests

I believe economics and finance play a key role in our lives. Therefore, it is vital that everyone has access to tools required to critically examine economic markets. At the same time, students should find the material interesting. For that reason, I bring my research into the classroom. I am especially thrilled to hear my students ask questions, think and develop their own arguments.

Prior to my academic career, I worked as a financial economist in a commercial bank. I draw from my field experience to teach corporate finance. In that course, students learn about financial instruments, financial markets and relevant theories in finance. I am especially intrigued to see students who, at the beginning of the semester, are unsure about their ability to understand finance, mastering the material and finding respected internships and jobs in the finance industry.


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