Alumni Board Member Selection

A member of the Alumni Board of the Muhlenberg College Alumni Association is selected to hold the position based on the individual's commitment to Muhlenberg College and the goals of the Alumni Association, distinguished personal and/or vocational achievement and financial support to the College. Other desired qualifications include:  the ability to motivate individual members and committees; a proven leader in other organizations, associations or clubs; the ability to set and achieve goals and objectives; a team player. Members are representative of the diversity of the Alumni Association membership. All persons who have graduated from Muhlenberg College or received honorary degrees or who have been officially enrolled at the College for a significant period of time are eligible for consideration for the Alumni Board.

Member Expectations & Responsibilities

The Muhlenberg College Alumni Board is an advisory board, not a policy-making board. As such, each member is invited and expected to serve the Board and Muhlenberg College in the following ways:

1. Work in active, respectful partnership with the Assistant Vice President of Alumni Affairs and Career Services, the Vice President for Advancement, the President and the Board of Trustees to achieve the long-range institutional goals and objectives of Muhlenberg College.

2. Attend four (4) meetings per year of the Alumni Board, typically held in September, November, February and April of each academic year. Dates for the 2022-23 year are still being finalized.

3. Participate actively in the work of at least one Alumni Board standing committee or task force to achieve the annual goals and objectives of the Alumni Board, consistent with the Advancement Office’s strategic plan. This includes committee meetings and communication with that committee throughout the year.

4. Serve as a resource to Muhlenberg College alumni, students, faculty, staff and parents by maintaining awareness and knowledge of important College activities, new projects and innovations, strategic institutional goals and fund development priorities.

5. Uphold the College’s initiatives in diversity and inclusion work. As noted in the College’s Statement on Diversity, the Muhlenberg community should cultivate a desire and an ability to understand, mutually respect, and meaningfully engage with manifold perspectives and experiences, particularly those of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups.

6. Represent the Muhlenberg Alumni Board and alumni body by participating in a minimum of two events per year. (i.e., Alumni Weekend, THAW, Mulementum, Regional Events)

7. Ensure that the Alumni Board reaches the 100% participation level by committing to an annual contribution to the Muhlenberg Fund. While there is no prescribed gift amount, we invite Alumni Board members to contribute to the best of their ability with an aspiration of attaining the level of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Society, the first level of leadership giving.  

8. Ensure that the Alumni Board reaches the 100% participation level by committing to a one-time gift of $150 to the Alumni Trust Fund, the designated endowment fund through which the Alumni Board can make financial gifts to the College on behalf of the entire alumni body. This gift should be made in the first year term on the Alumni Board.

9. Display professional courtesy and responsiveness regarding communications to committee chairs, the executive committee, staff of the College and the Alumni Board as a whole. This includes, but is not limited to, advance notice if an absence from a meeting will occur, responsiveness on group initiatives, polls, etc.