Auditions for the
Mnemonic Festival
Spring 2021

Auditions for all projects and all positions within the Spring 2021 Mnemonic Festival will happen via one initial video submission. Each project will then have its own individual callback process.

Video submissions will be due no later than Wednesday, Jan. 20 at midnight ET. Callbacks will happen Jan. 23–29. Casting will be complete by Feb. 1.

Video Submission Form

Please see the page menu for information about all seven projects in the festival. Each page includes a description, scheduling information, audition guidance, and a video from the directors of each project to tell you a little bit about what they're looking for. (You can also watch all of the videos from this playlist.)

At its root, this video submission is a one to two-minute piece of art. It’s an invitation in and of itself to make something.

We are asking EVERYONE who’s interested in participating in the Mnemonic Festival in any kind of capacity — performer, designer, stage manager, assistant director, dramaturg, et. al. — to declare your interest through this initial video submission. All productions are open to all students, whether you're studying on-campus or remotely.

For those of you who identify as performers, you can think of this video as your “audition” for the festival.

For those of you who are interested in other creative roles and positions, you might consider this video submission your “statement of creative purpose or intent,” i.e., who are you and how do you see yourself contributing to these projects.

It’s important to note that several of the projects are interested in building ensembles of theatre makers — artists who will work together collaboratively and wear many creative hats in the process of making the piece. If you’re interested in being a part of one of those ensembles, it would be a good idea to shape your video submission in such a way that the directors can see the multiple ways that you might contribute to a project.

More information on the individual Mnemonic Festival projects can be found in the pages listed in the menu to the right. Please read through the project descriptions carefully as you may want to tailor your video submission to meet the needs of one or more of the projects.

Requirements for all video submissions:

  • Between one and two minutes in length
  • Shot in landscape mode (i.e. with your phone sideways,)
    Image is a labeled diagram that shows a cellphone in landscape orientation (wider than it is high), and one in portrait orientation (higher than it is wide)
  • Labeled with your first and last name and the date, e.g. MerylStreep_123120. (If you suspect that other people have the same first and last name, please feel free to include a middle initial.)

Please slate your name at the beginning and the end of your video and include one fun fact about yourself (e.g. after winning the Oscar in 1980, Meryl accidentally left it in the ladies’ room during the Governor’s Ball).

All auditions are a mix of being a person and showing what you can do, and that combination is especially important for this festival, given the collaborative nature of these projects. Make sure we can see a bit of YOU in your video submission!

If you are a performer and have a well-prepared monologue at your disposal, please include that piece as part of your audition submission. In most cases, style (contemporary vs classical) doesn’t matter — pick your strongest piece. Some projects, however, specifically request classical or verse pieces. Memorization is optional. Some project directors may express a preference for a memorized monologue, so check the project requirements carefully from the individual pages in the menu.

If you are a performer but do not have any monologues ready to go, you might want to opt for telling a story instead.

If you are not a performer, you also might want to include some form of storytelling in your submission. We may not all be performers but we are all storytellers. Remember that, like a good monologue, a riveting story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

If there are special skills that you possess (e.g. tap dancing or puppetry) that you think might be useful in one of the projects being produced, we encourage you to get creative in showcasing that special skill within the audition video. This encouragement extends beyond performers to potential designers, stage managers, dramaturgs, etc. Use the video to let folks know who you are, what makes you excited about being a part of this festival, and what kinds of contributions you can make to the art-making process.

Again, please read the project descriptions clearly. For certain projects, you will need to include specific elements in your audition video (e.g. singing for Magic and 10x10) or upload additional materials.

Questions about the audition process should be sent to Please do NOT email the directors directly. If they have questions or need more information after viewing your video submission, they will contact you.

When you submit your festival application materials, you will be given the opportunity to indicate which projects you want to be considered for. To create as many opportunities as possible, each artist may participate in only ONE of the Mnemonic Festival projects. Additionally, the Production Policy applies to the Mnemonic Festival and the Fish Project Play Festival that the MTA is planning for the Spring, meaning that you are able to perform in only one project in either festival if you are also enrolled in a studio class (acting or directing) in the Spring semester.

All video submissions are due by noon ET on WEDNESDAY, Jan. 20. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Video Submission Form

Intro Video Playlist