Department Chair: Steve Coutinho
Professors: Theodore Schick
Associate Professors: Daniel J. Doviak, Marcia Morgan, Thaddeus Robinson

Mission Statement

Philosophy addresses the most fundamental and pressing concerns of human existence: its nature and that of the world around it, its meaning and its possibilities. Central to the study of Philosophy are the development of careful reasoning, a commitment to meaningful living and the capacity for creative thought. Further, the study of Philosophy is particularly effective for enhancing critical reading and writing skills. Training in sound reasoning, critical reading and effective writing is central to every course offered by the Department.

The Muhlenberg College Department of Philosophy encourages a comprehensive exploration of the discipline of Philosophy. Mindful of its role in a liberal arts college, the department is committed to presenting courses in all the major areas of the discipline, representing the variety of philosophical methodologies, schools and perspectives. The Major and Minor programs are designed to provide students with sound background in the discipline - including study of both Asian and Western philosophical traditions, work in ethics and social philosophy, familiarity with the thought of influential philosophers, grounding in logic and critical thinking and a sense of the scope of Philosophy as a discipline. Similarly, students who take only one, or several, courses in the Department will encounter diverse philosophical approaches and topics. Hence, exposure to primary philosophical works is a central feature of all departmental courses.

Honoring the place of Philosophy as the foundational discipline of all disciplines, the Muhlenberg College Department of Philosophy aims “to develop independent critical thinkers who are intellectually agile, characterized by a zest for reasoned and civil debate, knowledgeable about the achievements and traditions of diverse civilizations and cultures, able to express ideas with clarity and grace, committed to life-long learning, equipped with ethical and civic values and prepared for lives of leadership and service.”