2014 Language Honor Societies

Greetings from the Chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Dr. Joan Marx

Guest Speaker

Kerri Cossean - 2011 Muhlenberg College graduate with a double major in History and Russian Studies

Initiation Ceremonies

Dr. Luba Iskold (Dobro Slovo)
Prof. Mirna Trauger (Phi Sigma Iota)

Phi Sigma Iota Officers

Ross Handler
Erin Laney
Michael Young
Elisabeth Guenette

Dobro Slovo Officer

Stephanie Becker

New Members:

Dobro Slovo (Russian)

George Fuzayl
Sara Levitin
Brandon Rand

Phi Sigma Iota (French and Spanish)

Efrain Agosto
Ariel Aranov
Anna Bernstein
Katherine Bradley
Maria Budney
Nicole Cronin *
Estefania David
Gabriela De Frutos
Cary Halliburton
Leann Lanza
Ryan Lee
Sarah Levitin
Marisa Levy
Clare Mooney
Emily Prawer
Kathryn Reinert
Brianna Vinci
Craig Welker

* inducted in absentia