2012 Honors Society

Greetings from the Chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Dr. Joan F. Marx

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Albert Kipa
B. A., City College of New York
A.M., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Initiation Ceremonies:

Dr. Albert Kipa (Delta Phi Alpha)
Dr. Luba Iskold (Dobro Slovo)
Prof. Mirna Trauger (Phi Sigma Iota)

Phi Sigma Iota Officers:

Scott Miller
Frank Cabrera
Jamie Shapiro
Lynn Bachalany

Phi Sigma Iota Officers:

Ross Handler
Erin Laney
Michael Young
Elisabeth Guenette

Dobro Slovo Officer:

Stephanie Becker

New Members:

Delta Phi Alpha (German)
Frank DeAndrea
Nicholas Housel
Kelsea Reel

Dobro Slovo (Russian)
Anne Cawley
Barri DeFrancisci
Evelina Eyzerovich*

Phi Sigma Iota (French and Spanish)
Amy Asendorf*
Jeffrey Brancato
Robert Buesser
Melinda Clemmer
Kristen Danner
Shelby Doll
Alexandra Eisig
Brittany Fowler*
Kelsey Gamble
Abigail Gilmore
Renee Hopkins
Rachel Jakubowitcz
Leah Kirby
Ryan Lindsay
Allison Lundquist
Lisa Peterson
Elizabeth Reese
Michelle Rifkin*
Lindsey Roessler
Katie Sarisohn
Lindsey Shantzer
Rebecca Sharp
Nathan Squire
Emily Stockton-Brown
Caitlin Teegarden
Elena Voonasis
Corey Winkler

* inducted in absentia