Statement of Principles

  1. Students study abroad after completing their sophomore year for either a semester or for the academic year. Students may study abroad during the fall semester of their senior year upon receiving approval from the Dean of the College for Academic Life.
  2. Affordable study abroad opportunities are available to all qualified Muhlenberg students.
  3. Study abroad is an academic program supportive of the educational objectives of the College.
  4. Study abroad is directed towards supporting and enhancing the student’s major (or minor).
  5. Quality programs are available to satisfy the academic requirements of all majors (and minors).
  6. Participation in a study abroad program, with appropriate planning, will not delay graduation. Subject to prior approval, course credits earned abroad can be used to meet graduation, perspective or major requirements.
  7. Approved status is given to a limited number of programs. The term "approved" is used to designate those programs that are available for Muhlenberg student participation.
  8. Direct relations with approved programs are established wherever possible.
  9. We will seek to establish sustainable exchange programs with selected partner institutions.
  10. In general, the regular monitoring of U.S. Department of State (DOS)and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) public announcements and warnings guides the College in its assessment of program safety.
  11. Based on concerns for both student safety and College liability, Muhlenberg does not recommend students participate in an approved education abroad program in any country for which the DOS or the CDC has an outstanding warning. Students who wish to participate in such programs must sign a supplemental liability waiver.
  12. If a DOS or CDC warning is issued while students are studying at a program in the affected area, the students will be notified of the issued warning and asked to return home. In such circumstances, the College will make a good faith effort to provide the accommodations necessary for students so as to not lose any academic credits as a result of an early withdrawal from the program. Students who choose to remain must sign a supplemental liability waiver.

Financial Aid

  • Participating students receive the same financial aid package for which they would have otherwise qualified had they remained on campus.

Fees and Charges

  1. Students enrolled in any approved program pay regular Muhlenberg tuition fees, and, as appropriate, Muhlenberg room or board fees.
  2. Participation in nonapproved programs is discouraged. Muhlenberg will not transfer credit for courses taken in nonapproved study abroad programs. Under extraordinary circumstances, a student can petition to participate in a nonapproved program. If the petition is granted, the student will pay regular Muhlenberg tuition fees, and as appropriate, Muhlenberg room or board fees. Students are also billed for any program costs, including those for tuition, room, or board, that are above those charged at Muhlenberg.
  3. When students have been approved by the Office of Global Education for a study abroad program, they are required, within a specified period of time, to submit a nonrefundable acceptance deposit of $600 in order to process their application to the host institution. The deposit will consist of $300, which will be applied towards the payment of Muhlenberg tuition fees. The other $300 will purchase mandatory study abroad health insurance. The entire $600 will not be so applied nor will it be refunded to students who subsequently withdraw their application.
  4. All students will be enrolled in a College approved health insurance plan. Some countries (e.g., Australia) or programs require additional insurance coverage for which the student will be billed.
  5. All travel and other incidental costs are the responsibility of the student.
  6. In the event a student withdraws within 90 days of the program start date, or after arrival at the program site, the host institution withdrawal policies and deadlines will supercede Muhlenberg's refund policy.  The student will be responsible for any withdrawal or penalty fees, tuition, room and board fees, owed to the host institution regardless of the reason for the student withdrawal.

Program Policies and Procedures

  1. All study abroad applications must be made through the Office of Global Education. Detailed application procedures can be obtained from Office of Global Education.
  2. Students must be enrolled as full time Muhlenberg students when participating in any College approved study abroad program offered during the regular academic year.
  3. We reserve the right to rescind our approval if your academic performance falls below the program requirements in any term before your program beings.
  4. Students placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation, medical leave or personal leave any semester prior to the program start, and after receipt of our approval letter, will not be permitted to study off campus.
  5. Any violations of the Academic or Social Behavior Codes after our approval will lead to a re-evaluation of your eligibility to attend any off-campus program.
  6. Students who voluntarily withdraw or are involuntarily dismissed from a program will be considered withdrawn from Muhlenberg College and will forfeit the semester’s tuition, fees, and other charges. To return to Muhlenberg, such students must apply for re-admission.
  7. Students enrolling in any summer study abroad program for which credit transfer is desired must receive prior approval of the program from the Director of Global Education.
  8. Credits earned in any nonapproved study abroad program or while on leave-of-absence will not be accepted for transfer.
  9. Application forms must be completed and returned to the Office of Global Education by the deadline date(s) specified.
  10. Students are competitively selected based on academic performance, conformity with College standards of academic and social behavior, and other relevant considerations. Where the program preference of the student is considered inappropriate (e.g., because of GPA requirements or academic major/minor), alternative programs will be suggested to the student by the Global Education Program Specialist.
  11. Late applications are considered on a space availability basis.
  12. Once a commitment, as evidenced by payment of the required acceptance deposit, to participate in a study abroad program has been made, a student will not be allowed to enroll in any Muhlenberg courses or apply for Muhlenberg housing during the period for which he or she will be enrolled in the study abroad program.
  13. For most programs, students accepted by the Office of Global Education must apply for admission to the host institution. In such cases, the decision to admit the student is the prerogative of the host institution. Some programs do have GPA requirements of 3.3 or higher.
  14. Program participation balance consistent with the financial constraints of the College will be maintained.

Academic Policies

  1. Students are required to enroll for credit in a full-time academic program as defined by the host institution. A full-time course load, as specified by the host institution, will be considered the equivalent of a Muhlenberg full-time course load. Where a full-time course load is not defined, the Office of Global Education will specify program enrollment requirements.
  2. Course work completed abroad must be transferred to Muhlenberg College following the transfer course policy stated in the Muhlenberg College Catalog. Courses offered through the LVAIC consortium; or any course taught abroad by a Muhlenberg professor will be considered a Muhlenberg course and not a transfer course.
  3. Students are required to be aware of and adhere to the academic policies of the host institution.

Behavioral Policies

  1. Students are subject to the laws and regulations of the country or countries in which they reside or travel.
  2. Students are required to be aware of and adhere to the academic and behavioral policies of the host institution.
  3. Students, while abroad, are expected to observe the academic and behavioral standards established by Muhlenberg College.

Problem Resolution Process

  • Often questions, problems, or complaints concerning study abroad or a study abroad program while a student is abroad can be resolved via e-mail or a phone call.  However, if a student wishes to formally submit a complaint, the complaint must be in writing (can be done via postal mail or e-mail). Please state the basis for the complaint and provide as much detail as possible regarding the specifics of the circumstances. We will respond in writing to all written complaints once our Senior Staff has had a chance to review the complaint.

Revised 7/22/22

Address Muhlenberg College Office of Global Education 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104