In Memory of J.D.M. Brown (1883 - 1951)

Every Spring, the English Literatures & Writing department hosts a John D. M. Brown lecture.

Dr. John D. M. Brown graduated from Muhlenberg College in 1906 and joined the Muhlenberg faculty in 1912. Dr. Brown was a remarkably versatile scholar and teacher. He taught courses not only in English and American Literature, but also in Italian, Spanish, French and Art History. Dr. Brown was especially devoted to the literature of the English Renaissance, particularly to plays and poems of Shakespeare.

Dr. Brown served as Head of the Muhlenberg English Department from 1927 to 1949. He was honored in his life-time as the first recipient of the college’s Florence T. Saeger Professorship. In addition, Wittenburg University named him a Doctor of Literature in 1922 and Muhlenberg awarded him a Doctor of Humane Letters degree in 1948, the year before his retirement from the college.

The John D. M. Brown lecture is underwritten by a generous gift by Mary E. Brown, in loving memory of her husband (1883-1951), who served as Professor of English at Muhlenberg College.

The John D. M. Brown lecturers included:

2022 Jeff Dolven, Princeton University

2021 Not held due to Covid-19

2020 Jeff Dolven, Princeton University (Canceled due to Covid-19)

2019 Caroline Levine, Cornell U.

2018 Claudia L. Johnson, Princeton U.

2017 Rita Felski, U. Virginia

2016 Mark McGurl, Stanford U.

2015 Michael North, UCLA

2014 Patrick Lonergan, Nat’l U. of Ireland

2013 Peter Holland, U. Notre Dame

2012 Kenneth W. Warren, U. Chicago

2011 Marjorie Perloff, Stanford U.

2010 Andrew Delbanco, Columbia U.

2009 Marjorie Howes, Boston College

2008 Joseph Viscomi, UNC

2007 John Mathhews, BU

2006 Alan Wald, U. Michigan

2005 Luke Gibbons, U. Notre Dame

2004 Jonathan Bate, U. Warwick

2003 Martha Nell Smith, U. Maryland

2002 Alan Sinfield, U. Sussex

2001 John F. Callahan, LCC

2000 David Kastan, Columbia U.

1999 Nina Auerbach, U. Pennsylvania

1998 Michael Neill, U. Auckland

1997 Terry Hawkes, U. Cardiff

1995 Michael Bristol, McGill U.

1994 Jean Howard, Columbia U.

1993 Gerald Graff, U. Chicago

1992 Peter Stallybrass, U. Pennsylvania

1991 Jerome McGann, U. Virginia

1990 Harry Berger, Jr., UCSC

1989 Nina Baym, U. Illinois

1988 Stanley Fish, Duke U.

1987 Christopher Ricks, BU